The Best Scissors

Frequently overlooked (and frequently misplaced) scissors are a staple of any good workspace. Though scissors are usually relegated to the junk drawer, here are 5 examples that are a cut above.

TAjiKA Copper Scissors

These copper scissors are hand forged by father/son team Takeo and Daisuke Tajika in Kobe, Japan. $77 Buy Here  

Craft Design Technology Scissors

Modern, geometric design. Versatile shape for both the right and left-handed. $47 Buy Here  

Slice Stainless Steel Scissors

It's tough to beat the reliability of stainless steel. Slice Scissors have a unique lie-flat design perfect for any minimalist workspace. The hand-polished finger-grips are comfortable for both lefties and righties $14.99 Buy Here 

Barebones Garden Scissors

Though not technically for the work space, the barebones garden scissor has such a great look we had to include them. Feel free to use on office plants you should be cultivating. $19.95 Buy Here  

Banshu Hamono - Tsume Scissors


No surprise to see more stunning design from the Japanese. Traditionally used for cutting fabric, these 120 mm scissors are handmade from a single rod of high carbon “Ao-hagane” blue steel. $125 Buy Here

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