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The titans of literary fiction remind us again and again of the importance of light through the simple metaphor of the lamp. Whether it is the single green light on Daisy’s dock or Ralphie’s father’s Italian masterpiece, lamps can symbolize all that we hold dear. Harness this power every day on your desk with a lamp worthy of your very own literary symbolism with some of our favorite desk lamps:

Søren Rose: Reade Lamp

Although relatively new to the scene, the Reade Lamp by Søren Rose has already reached icon status. The geometrically pleasing design has an openness and airiness that makes it an easy piece to incorporate into a multitude of settings. A completely new take on lighting, yet reminiscent of a simpler past, the Reade Lamp will delight and intrigue. $250 Buy Here

Artemide: Tolomeo Lamp

Winner of the Compasso d'Oro award for Italian industrial design, the Tolomeo Classic Table Lamp is a classic design that has proven itself over and over again as a lighting masterpiece. Fully adjustable articulated arm with die-cast aluminum joints and tension control knobs, the Tolomeo is not only a design marvel, but an engineering marvel as well. $400 Buy Here

Fernweh: Edison Lamp

Designed by Fernweh Woodworking, the Edison Desk Lamp emits a soft white glow to perfectly illuminate any project. The black walnut base is a sturdy foundation and adds to the lamps blending of modern style with vintage appeal.$98 Buy Here

JWDA: Concrete Lamp


Designed by Jonas Wagell in 2014, the JWDA desk lamp provide a whimsical juxtaposition of styles.  Sporitng a hologen lamp and brass dimmer knob, this lamp is perfect for the modernist or minimalist. $200 Buy Here


Designed by Michael Anastassiades after watching videos of jugglers, the IC T2 evokes the feelings of balance and movement. Perfect for those of looking for a peaceful, yet productive work space. $725 Buy Here

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