Paper Clips

The Best Paper Clips

The temporary tattoo of the paper binding world, the ageless paper clip withstands all test of flexibility and utility. Strong enough to endure years of life filed away in the darkest mailroom, while uniquely nimble enough to serve as the backbone of morning copy collation all the while moonlighting as avant garde desk sculpture across the cubicle sea of the modern workforce.

Clip, bind, group and regroup at will with some of our favorite clips.

Owl Clip

The common paper clip we we've come to know and love isn't the only design on the block.  Among early paperclip variatiuons was the iconic owl clip. Some claim the owl clip is superior to the more common paper clips.  The jury may still be out on that claim, but there is no denying the owl clip has it beat in the looks department.  Buy Here

Butterfly Clip


Yet another early paper clip design, the butterfly clip shares its name and the basis for design, with our winged insect friends. Able to handle large stacks and a fair amount of jostling, the butterfly clip may be just the thing for those on the go. Buy Here

Gem Clip

The old standby - the paperclip we have all come to know and love.  Commonly known as the "GEM" Clip, named after a British outfit - Gem Manufacturing Limited - this clip design has become ubiquitous in the modern office.  Perfectly capable, although maybe not too exciting, the GEM clip isn't going anywhere anytime soon.  Buy Here 

Book Dart

A new take on an old favorite. The book dart might not be the most versatile player on the field, but it is a clip with a certain set of skills. If you have just a couple pages in a notebook you need to collate or looking for interesting binding option, the book dart is worth a look. Buy Here

Ox and Bull Gold Paper Clip

There are not a whole lot of fancy options when it comes to paper clips.  It basically comes down to bling. This gold paper clip is a show stopper in the paper pairing world and tough to beat when it comes to luxury clips. Buy Here

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