Pencil Sharpeners

The Best Pencil Sharpeners

Nothing epitomizes diversion cloaked in necessity more than the humble act of sharpening a pencil.

From its elementary school roots as a reason to get up from your chair and trade whispers with classmates on the other side of the room, to the quiet seconds stolen between business calls with a chair spun away from the computer screen, the simple sharpening of a pencil has always been if not a need, then a release. A release from the repetitive, the mundane and the compulsory. Whether it is your silent moment of escape or a manufactured social outing, enjoy your diversions with these worthy sharpeners:

Kum Masterpiece

Precision German engineering with style to match. The Masterpiece lives up to its name with a magnesium body and innovative brake feature to allow you to sharpen as much or as little of the graphite lead as you need. Paired with a leather carrying case, this sharpener is sure to please. Buy Here

DUX Brass Sharpener

Designed by DUX in the early 50's this classic pencil sharper has an adjustable blade to accommodate 3 different sharpening styles. Whether you are looking for a long narrow point or short and wide point, this mainstay from DUX has you covered. Comes with a nifty leather case too! Buy Here

Blackwing Long Point Sharpener

This ingenious design acknowledges the fact that graphite and cedar need unique sharpening approaches to ensure a fine point. Blackwing's Long Point Sharpener is two sharpeners in one. The first hole shaves and sharpens the wood portion of the pencil while the second hole tackles the graphite - shaping it to a fine point. Buy Here

El Casco Gold Sharpener

Blurring the line between pencil sharpener and sculpture, the El Casco sharpener is a work of art. Polished to a mirrored finish this sharpener is sure to turn heads. When it is not bringing your pencils to a perfect point, the El Casco doubles as a capable paperweight.  Buy Here

Caran d'Ache Sharpening Machine

Peerless in style and performance the Caran d'Ache Pencil Sharpening Machine could not be more aptly named. Designed with a single purpose in mind - the perfect point - the Sharpening Machine is loaded with features to ensure consistent and flawless sharpening. Buy Here

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