The Best Pencils 

For most of us who have strayed to the more convenient, there is a certain point in life we rediscover the joy of the wooden pencil. For me, it was a chance find in the bottom of a long unopened, and particularly nomadic, box of childhood treasures.

I opened this unintended time capsule years ago. Hidden among old soccer trophies and school pictures was a single yellow and green Dixon-Ticonderoga, still sporting a near perfect point.

I put that pencil behind my ear as I sorted through the relics of my past. An hour later as I closed the box with all of the other things still encased, I realized that pencil was still behind my ear. Many years later, it is not surprising to find me with a pencil behind my ear, but I haven’t found the need to open that box again.

The feelings and memories we experience in life are often far more valuable than the things we collect. Rediscovering the joy a wooden pencil can bring, however, was worth all those years moving that box of things from one place to another. Rediscover your love, or start a new one, with some of our favorite pencils:

Blackwing 602

Blackwing First Draft Co. First Draft Pick

There is not much that has not already been written about the Blackwing Pencil. Resurrected by Palomino to replicate the Eberhard-Faber version from years past, it has enjoyed considerable success. This new version has lived up to, and some cases exceeded, the reputation of the original. The Blackwing 602 lays down a soft dark line, is incased in incense cedar and sports an iconic ferrule with replaceable eraser. Buy Here

Dixon Ticonderoga #2

Dixon Ticonderoga First Draft Co. First Draft Picks

For those of a certain generation, the classic yellow and green pencil will stir just as much nostalgia as diving into a plate of Bagel Bites while watching the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Like those relics of the past, spending time with the Dixon Ticonderoga is still just as enjoyable. The medium HB graphite and perfect eraser make this a go to pencil. Buy Here

General's Draughting

Generals Draughting First Draft Co. First Draft Picks

Made in the USA, just as it has been for many years, General’s Draughting pencil is a true workhorse in the writing and drawing would. Everything you need to create your work of art, or your grocery list, is packed into this beauty. Do yourself a favor and stock up, you are going to enjoy using these pencils in any situation. Buy Here

Tombow 8900

Tombow 8900 First Draft Co. First Draft Picks

The sleek stylings of the Tombow 8900 make it a popular choice with the minimalist set. With the tell-tale Tombow dragonfly adorning the side of this hex shaped beauty it is easy to see how the 8900 has been a mainstay of the Tombow arsenal. Consisten graphite quality Buy Here

Caran d'Ache Swiss Wood

Caran d'Ache Swiss Wood First Draft Co. First Draft Picks

This pencil from Caran d’Ache is a collection of superlatives. True to its name, the Swiss Wood is created from beech wood sustainably harvested from the Jura mountain region of northwestern Switzerland. The graphite lead is perfectly proportioned with just enough clay to keep the HB hardness while laying down a smooth satisfying line. True Swiss perfection at your fingertips. Buy Here

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