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Courage, commitment and certainty – the three c’s of doing your crossword puzzle with a pen. When I volunteered at a hospital in middle school I learned a lot about life, but one of most unexpected lessons was from an old timer who told me he always did his crossword puzzle in pen, because “if you aren’t sure about something, you have no business writing it down!”

There have been a couple times in life I’ve forgotten that lesson and have had an email or comment come back to haunt me. These days, I try to wield my pen with as much courage and commitment as possible knowing that the permanency of ink demands it. Start living your life with certainty with some of our favorite pens:

Parker Sonnet

Parker Sonnet First Draft Co. First Draft Picks

One of Parker's most successful pen lines, the Sonnet is an icon in every sense of the word.  From the the deep lacquer finish to the Parker Arrow clip, this is a timeless piece and a joy to write with. Buy Here   

Cross Classic Century

Cross Century Classic First Draft Co. First Draft Picks

The definition of a classic rollerball pen. For many of us, this was our father's prized possession.  Sleek metallic body and buttery smooth twist action provide a tactile experience unmatched in any other pen. Buy Here

Everyday Pens - Pilot G2 Retractable 

Pilot G2 First Draft Co. First Draft Picks

The gateway to more exotic or higher-end pens, the Pilot G2 has been the first love for many of us in the pen world. Don't let its appearance fool you though, the G2 is a serious contender in its own right. Buy Here

Modern Pens - Techliner Ti2

Tech Liner Ti2 First Draft Co. First Draft Picks

All titanium pen body, magnetically retained cap and machined grip are just a few of the innovations Techliner has jammed into this beautiful writing instrument. Add an interchangeable clip and several ink selections and you have a perfect pen for any situation. Buy Here

Luxury Pens - Graf von Faber-Castell Classic

Faber-Castel Classic First Draft Co. First Draft Picks

Flawless in its execution and peerless in its design. The Graf von Faber-Castell Classic is a remarkable pen in every way. A solid wood grip sandwiched between highly polished platinum makes for an impressive presentation. Buy Here

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