The Best Rulers

I’ve always admired those among us who can draw a straight line unaided. The speed and dexterity needed to produce a series of parallel or perpendicular lines across the page has eluded me my entire life. If you suffer a similar fate, fear not, for a multitude of straight edge tools await in your quest for the most perfectly proportioned parallelograms. Check out some of our favorites below:

Empire Stainless Steel Rulers

In business for nearly 100 years, Empire is recognized for their premium measuring tools, especially among the construction industry. Their ability to consistently deliver innovation and quality has helped them achieve the iconic status they so richly deserve.  Their rules and straightedges are nothing short of remarkable and are certainly built to last. Buy Here

Wescott Wood Ruler

Established by Henry Westcott in 1872 in Seneca, New York, Wescott products have been around for over 140 years.  By now, they know a thing or two about rulers. Their classic wooden rulers serve many students and professionals day-in and day-out without much fanfare. For many of us though, our wooden ruler was one of the first scientific tools we used and should be celebrated for opening the door to discovery. Buy Here 

Fairgate Graduated Aluminum Straight-Edge Ruler

Since setting up shop in the 1940's in Cold Spring NY, Fairgate Rule company has consistently delivered some of the finest measuring products available.  With a wide range of specialty and trade specific rules and scales, Fairgate has a something for everyone.  Our go-to everyday ruler though is their classic aluminium straightedge.  It simply can be beat for a lightweight, accurate, everyday rule.  Buy Here

PEC Tools Black Chrome Machinist Ruler

PEC Tools definitely know their way around a workshop. This is no more evident than in their Black Chrome Machinist Ruler. The high contrast of white etching on the black chrome ruler provide quick readings that allow for precise tolerances. PEC takes the extra care to grind the sides parallel and corners square to ensure accurate measures from any side. Buy Here

Midori Brass Ruler

Japanees manufactuer, Midori has been a fan favorite in the stationary world for years.  Founded in 1950, they strive to combine beauty and functionality in all of their products. Their brass ruler is no exception. Beautifuly polished brass with pin-point accurate etched graduations, this ruler is the physical embodiement of all that Midori stirves to be. Buy Here

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