The Best Staplers

Few things on your desk can recreate the satisfying “chlunk…chlunk…chlunk…” experience of a well-balanced stapler. The ability to fasten multiple sheets of paper together with a thin metal wire is a true marvel of engineering and not something we should take for granted. With few moving parts, the utilitarian stapler performs it duties with speed and efficiency seldom seen in more contemporary tools. Oh, but perform it does. With nary a battery or power cord in sight the stapler is limited only by your ambition, and possibly staple supply.

Check out some of our favorite staplers below.

The Folle 26 Stapler 

Folle 26 First Draft Co. First Draft Picks

Designed by Henning Andreasen and subsequently included the Museum of Modern Art’s permanent collection, the "26" is manufactured by Folle in Denmark and is a true icon in the world of Industrial Design. $88 Buy Here

The Aceliner 502

Aceliner 502 First Draft Co. First Draft Picks

Founded in 1952, Ace Fastener still produces this sleek Art Deco inspired stapler from its one location in Camden, New Jersey. A favorite of executives and creatives for nearly 40 years, the Aceliner is a solid choice for anyone looking to make a statement without sacrificing quality. Buy Here

The Swingline 747


A workhorse at home or in the Office Space - the Swingline 747 will never disappoint. Designed for speed and longevity - you'll be hard pressed to find one of these sidelined by fatigue. $20 Buy Here

Lexon Buro

Lexon Buro Stapler First Draft Co, First Draft Picks


Designed by brothers Jeremy and Adrian Wright, the is a fun, contemporary stapler. The soft ABS rubber coating begs to picked up and used. A great addition to any modern workspace. $25 Buy Here

El Casco M5

El Casco Stapler First Draft Co. First Draft Picks

Manufactured in the Basque region of Spain, El Casco’s M5 stapler sits at the intersection of luxury, function and art. Founded in the 1920’s to produce revolvers, El Casco expanded into desk products during the great depression and debuted the M5 stapler in 1934. Still produced today, this stapler is coveted by many. $295 Buy Here

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