Tape Dispensers

The Best Tape Dispensers

Some say the body is merely a vessel. If true, we sure do spend a lot of time making our vessels look good. Why stop at our bodies though? The tape dispenser is another vessel in our lives that shouldn’t be overlooked. No other desk accessory rivals the tape dispenser’s workman like devotion to ensuring a smooth experience for all who seek the curative powers only tape can provide.

Whether bringing torn paper back to life or mending a set of spectacles, your tape can only work as hard as your dispenser. Dispense your own adhesive healing with some of our favorite tape dispensers:

Scotch C38

The standard for tape dispensers, perfectly weighted and designed to deliver the perfect  dispensing experience every time. The Scotch C38 is understated yet uniquely capable. Indispensable, you might even say.  Buy Here

Hand Tape Dispenser - H127

The H127 (trust me, I had no idea that was the official name either) tape dispenser will take you back to a simpler time. A constant in any self-respecting families junk drawer, the H127 is the embodiment of nostalgia.  Self-contained and perfectly portable, you'll be sure to find the need for 2 or 10 of these around the house or office. Buy Here

U Brands Rose Gold Metal Wire Tape Dispenser

Taking minimalism to the extreme, the U Brands dispenser will soon become a favorite among those of us looking for a quick and easy dispensing experience. And why go with just plain old gold when Rose Gold is available?  Buy Here

Arts On Desk ST202

Borrowing ideas from the worlds of architecture and industrial design, Arts on Desk has created a work of art that is also superbly up to the task at hand. You'll probably need to stock up on extra tape as passerby's will most certainly steal a piece or two every time they walk by just be able to use this beauty. Buy Here

Threshold Tape Dispenser French Bulldog

Do you need a shiny gold French Bulldog tape dispenser?  If you have to ask then Threshold's offering just isn't for you.  Those that are the target market though, will jump at the chance to nab this K-9 contraption and have a conversation piece that will double as man's best friend. Buy Here

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