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The Best Desk Clocks

They say time and tide wait for no one. I am not much of a seafarer, so I can't vouch for the tide part of the proverb, but I've been late for enough meetings to know that time does not mess around.  Rather than fighting the inevitable march of time, embrace it with some of our favorite desktop clocks. 

Bulova B6844 Flair Clock

Bulova Desk Clock

With a brushed aluminum case and face, this Bulova desk clock will add an industrial touch to your desktop. The luminous hands and on demand lighted dial are nice features for those night owls out there. There is also a built in alarm to let you know when it is time to take that next break. $34 Buy Here

Urban Designs Aldo Clock

Retro Flip Clock

The Aldo's sleek design will fit right in with any minimalist decor. Classic flip motion and white on black design mixes a retro feel into this decided modern piece. $105 Buy Here

Pluteck Analog Clock

Desk Clock with Alarm

Packed with features, this offering from Plutek is sure to please.  Seemingly simple from all outward appearances - but don't let those appearances fool you.  This little dynamo will treat you to all kinds of alarm settings, both ascending and descending in decibel levels, snooze options and lighted face settings. $13 Buy Here

Pendulux Altimeter Clock

Altimeter Desk Clock

Model after the altimeters found in many WWII aircraft, the this desk clock by Pendulux is certainly a statement piece.  Chunky brass screws and aluminum housing surround the dials with authentic altitude markings. This rugged clock is one of our absolute favorites. $101 Buy Here

JCC Wood Clock

Wood Desk Clock

This wooden clock from JCC will add rustic yet modern feel to your workspace with its rich brown tones and smooth lines.  The clear display and large numbers will be a welcome site for those weary eyes after long day. $18 Buy Here

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