Conversations: Maz McWilliams - Founder, Ticamide

We started First Draft Co. to design products and experiences that inspire creativity. One of the biggest hurdles can often be where to start. In our First Draft Conversations we explore the beginning stages of an idea through the eyes of the artist, designer or visionary behind it.

We recently had to the opportunity to sit down with Maz McWilliams, founder of Ticamide to talk about starting a successful clothing line and what some of his "First Drafts" looked like. His journey may have been surprising to him, but with his clarity of vision and ability to put things in perspective, it is not surprising to us he has made it as far as he has.
Tell us about the beginnings of Ticamide? The "First Draft" so to speak.

Designing apparel and building a brand were never things I imagined myself doing. I always thought of myself as a creative and with an informal music background thats where I pulled from when it came to making things. The funny thing about starting something is the attachment we develop to the imagined outcome. That attachment is so powerful, at any moment it can either push you and keep you going or disappoint you when things don't go the way you planned. Either way, perseverance and the ability to bounce back and staying inspired is so important. I like to attribute that to the people you surround yourself with. You have to have people you love in your corner.

What was your first prototype?

Our first prototype was a 4 way stretch pair of athletic shorts, they weren't even housed under the Ticamide brand. it was an entirely different thing at the time. The prototype came out as a bit of a Frankenstein but we learned a lot from over designing and concepting.
What hurdles have you run into on the journey and how have they shaped you?

There are a lot of moving parts when making clothes and simultaneously building a brand. Its easy to take on too much at once. I've learned to focus on my ideas and execution. Trust the process and trust that the good ideas will float to the top. Don't fear losing something so much that you unintentionally push it away or let its presence effect the end result of your other work.

Tell us about your design process. Where do you draw inspiration from?

I've always paid close attention to the details of the things that inspire could be an old hat that belonged to a family member or the way a waist is finished on a coat of a passerby. NYC is a constant flow of inspiration..I like the things that stand out and I love figuring out what it is about them that separate them from the pack. All that said, i'd be lying if I said Instagram wasn't a big inspiration for me these days...everytime I'm on the app I'm screen grabbing moments and colors and styles that stand out. Even if I never look at them again, I believe it all adds up.

What are the future plans for the brand?

Of course we want to grow and get our goods on more people. We want to share our culture as well and spread the work about the ideas that are important to us.

Thank you so much for your time today Maz - we can't wait to see what is in store for Ticamide in the future.

Thanks guys, I appreciate it, we'll talk soon.
Maz may have started from humble beginnings with his 4 way stretch shorts, but looking at a sampling below from his current line shows those early days have paid off. Ticamide has been grabbing the attention of the fashion and design world for good reason.
We can't thank Maz enough for taking the time to give us glimpse into the "First Draft" of Ticamide. If we are lucky in this life we might take part in the early stages of getting one or two really great ideas get off the ground, so having someone share theirs with us can provide great insight and even greater inspiration. Thanks Maz!
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