“But, do you love it?”

First Draft Co. co-founder Ryan and I had bounced a couple ideas off each other over the years, but this new idea seemed different. Over a few emails and phone calls I explained to him my recurring thought that somehow I should be getting more out of the notebooks and sketchbooks I have been using.  The problem was – I didn’t necessarily dislike any of the products I was using, in fact, a couple of them I actually kind of liked.

As we talked about the current notebook I was using and I explained the features and how I used it on a daily basis –Ryan asked the one question that solidified our resolve to start First Draft Co. – “But, do you love it?”

The answer was a definitive “No” I didn’t love any of them.  Sure, I may have loved the paper from one, the cover from another, and the binding style from yet another – but no single notebook brought all of those features together into a notebook I would look forward to using every day. 

So we set out to make our own.

It was a long road. We learned a ton about the notebook and paper industries. We learned why we couldn’t find the notebook that had everything we were looking for, it was a simple answer; it’s really hard to manufacture high quality notebooks, use premium materials and micro-manage every detail while not compromising on any of your must-haves.

As time goes on we’d like to share a little more about the process to design and manufacture a brand new product – but for now, it is safe to say we accomplished our goal.  The First Draft Co. Notebook is the highest quality, most thoughtfully designed and skillfully assembled notebook we have ever used.  I can finally say “I love my Notebook”. Head over to our shop and take a look, we think you will love them too.

Joe Bedore - Co-Founder