What We Talk About When We Talk About Notebooks

We started First Draft Co. with a passion to build tools and experiences that inspire creativity.  A notebook can be so much more than a stack of papers between two pieces of cardboard. It can be part of the reason you love what you do.

I once had a summer job refurbishing office cubicle panels. My first day I got assigned to help one of the upholstery guys. Charlie took me under his wing and showed me the ropes. We would strip down the fabric covered cubicle walls, replace the foam batting, recover the panels in new fabric and then ship them off to the installers.

Charlie had a way of making those panels look like works of art. The patterns in the fabric would line up perfectly across entire rows of cubicles. The seams were invisible.  I never saw a single pucker or wrinkle in the stitching.

After a couple weeks I commented to Charlie that he must really love cubicle panels to have the energy to show up each day and turn another stack of old panels into something beautiful.  He laughed, "Do I love cubicle panels? No, those are just a paycheck" Then he surprised me when he added "What I love, are my tools".

He went on to explain that he had been working with fabric and furniture all his life. He came to appreciate a quality pair of scissors and a well-balanced hammer early on in his career. He realized that if he looked forward to using his tools everyday he didn’t mind spending the time to make sure everything was perfect.

That lesson stuck with me long after the summer was over and I headed back to school. I decided to start First Draft Co. because one of the most important tools in my life is a notebook.– but I’ve never had a notebook I looked forward to using. I knew I needed to make one.

After nearly two years of researching, designing and prototyping; The First Draft Co. Notebook has become the tool I love to use and what I look forward to everyday to help me tackle the stacks of work in my life - I hope it will be same for you. Head on over to our Product Section and check them out.

Joe Bedore - Co-Founder


First Draft Co. Notebook