Step Up Your Stapler Game

The Perfect Stapler  

Few things are more satisfying as the “chlunk…chlunk…chlunk…” sound and feel of a well-balanced stapler. The ability to fasten multiple sheets of paper together with a tiny metal wire is a true marvel of engineering and not something we should take for granted.
While the ubiquitous Swingline might seem like the obvious go-to choice for all of your page pairing needs, take a look at a couple of strong players in the stapler game:  

Classic Stapler  

Ace Fastener’s Aceliner  

Founded in 1952, Ace Fasteners still produces this sleek Art Deco inspired stapler. A favorite of executives and creatives for nearly 40 years, the Aceliner is a solid choice for anyone looking to make a statement without sacrificing quality.  

Modern Stapler  

Lexon's Buro:  



Designed by brothers Jeremy and Adrian Wright, the Lexon Buro is a fun, contemporary stapler.  The soft ABS rubber coating begs to be picked up and used.  A great addition to any modern workspace.  

Iconic Stapler  

Folle's Stapler 26:  


Designed by Henning Andreasen and subsequently included the Museum of Modern Art’s permanent collection, the “Stapler 26” is manufactured by Folle in Denmark and is a true icon in the world of Industrial Design.  

Luxury Stapler  

El Casco's M5:  



Manufactured in the Basque region of Spain, El Casco’s M5 stapler sits at the intersection of luxury, function and art. Founded in the 1920’s to produce revolvers, El Casco expanded into desk products during the great depression and debuted the M5 stapler in 1934. Still produced today, this stapler is coveted by many.  

No desk is complete without the right stapler.  Spend some time choosing the perfect addition to your workspace, and while you are at it, check out for the finest selection of notebooks, pencils and other delightful accessories for all of your creative needs.  


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