Birthday Gifts for Creatives

The creative types in your life - authors, artists, designers, and really anyone interested in exploring the world around them in-depth, enjoy a wide array of hobbies, past-times and interests.  It is impossible to find one gift that fits everyone, but when searching for the perfect present take a look at a couple of our ideas below.

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1. Pentel GraphGear 1000 Premium Gift Set 

Pentel Pencil GIft Set

Everyone appreciates a good pencil, we look at a couple of our favorites over in our Pencil Buyer's Guide, but for a gift, you want something with a bit of a special presentation. The Pentel GraphGear Premium Gift Set is the perfect choice for anyone in your life that loves a good graphite line. The GraphGear Gift Set comes complete with 4 of the their famous GraphGear mechanical pencils, each color coded to help quickly identify lead hardness. Four different size lead refills will keep them drawing, drafting, sketching or writing for years to come.   Buy Here  

2. Umbra Fotofalls - Desktop Photo Tree 

Sometimes when work get particularly hard or draining, being reminded of what it is all about can help ground us and bring us back to a good place.  Umbra developed their Fotofalls to help remind us of loved ones, special places and all of things to help keep perspective.  Drawing on their award winning design capabilities, Umbra delivers a really cool presentation for all of your photographs or other keepsakes. Outfitted with 18 metal clips and flexible wire hangers, you are sure to have fun with the Fotofalls. Buy Here  

3. Push Pin Travel Map

There is something about travel that helps open our eyes and open our minds to new ideas and new ways of thinking. Remembering those travels is fun and enlightening.  This push-pin travel map helps keep things in perspective and shows worldly progress. A big and bright wall hanging map that will provide a beautiful display for globe-trotting adventures.  Buy Here  

4. U.S. Art Supply Premium Hardbound Sketchbook

There is nothing better than sitting down with a crisp white sheet of paper and pencil to sketch out a new idea.  These U.S. Art Supply Premium Hardbound notebooks are the perfect place work on masterpiece or even just doodle the day away. A spiral bound design is perfect to lay flat on any surface. Buy Here

5. Mont Blanc Meisterstuck Classique Gold Rollerball

Sometimes in life you need to splurge a bit on quality And Mont Blanc is the pinnacle of quality in the ball point pen world. Made in Germany to exacting standards, the Mont Blanc Meisterstruck Classique Gold Rollerball is the gold standard in the world of luxury pens. If you want a present that will stand out in the sea of normal pens, the Meisterstuck is the way to go . Buy Here


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