Gift Guides

A Guide To Gifts They Will Actually Use. 

Make no mistake, gift giving can be hard. Especially for those people in your life that always seem to have everything. Fear not though, we've assembled great set of gift guides and ideas to steer you in the right direction for all those 'hard to shop for" people.

We've spent more than our fair share of time immersed in the world of office supplies, home office decor, productivity producing products and well, just cool stuff in general. We are more than up to the challenge of finding the right products for everyone on your list.

Good Gifts for New Graduates

Graduating from college or high school can be a bit of shock for those unprepared for the next steps in life. Luckily, we've identified a great set of practical, yet unique gift ideas that will be helpful in that transition. Click here for a list of cool gift ideas for new grads. 


Birthday Gifts for Creatives

Birthday Gift Guide

It is always a struggle to find that perfect birthday gift year after year.  That is the things about birthday's they seem to just coming.  The key to a great birthday gift is finding something that is useful, interesting and not the same old thing (I'm looking at you ugly necktie) year after year. Click here to take a look at some of unique gift ideas for all the creative people you know.


Useful Wedding Gifts

We know everyone registers for what they want these days, but sometimes the circumstances call for going off script every now and then.  When you do go rouge with a wedding gift of your own choosing make sure it is something  really awesome. Click here for a curated selection of fun and fabulous wedding gifts for the new couple. 


Gifts for Boss or Coworkers

Gifts for Boss

Work friendships can always be a little awkward. Are you really friends with your boss? Who knows, but every now and then you do need to get some presents for the people you work with and why not make them good?  Click here for a bunch of really interesting gift ideas for bosses and coworkers.