Gifts For Boss or Coworkers

Let's face it, sometimes getting the Boss or your Coworkers a gift is something that just has to happen, whether you like it or not.  It can be awkward and hard to find that perfect gift, but we are here to help with office appropriate gifts that won't break the bank.  Find the right present for your Boss or your Coworkers is all about finding the right balance between useful and unusual enough that they don't already have a million of them.  Take a look at our suggestions below.

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1. MaxGear Wood Business Card Stand 

One thing people always love is their own business card. Not to get all Patrick Batemen here - but nice business card is hard to beat.  So why not keep them in something that will properly display them?  MaxGear has the answer with deceptively simple yet beautifully crafted wood business card holder.  Minimalist enough to go with any office decor, this business card holder is a perfect gift.  Buy Here

2. Death Wish Coffee

You what nearly every office dweller has in common? Coffee, for some it is a love and other a necessity. Either way, coffee is always a great gift.  Step it up a notch though with this offering from Death Wish coffee. Made with USDA certified organic and fair trade beans, you can feel as good about buying it as you can about drinking it. Buy Here

3. EcoSphere Closed Aquatic Ecosystem

The EcoSphere is a nifty little gift that is sure to be a conversation piece in the office. This completely enclosed, self-sustaining environment is a marvel of modern science and a cool piece of art. Its own mini aquarium complete with water, tiny shrimp and plants, the EcoSphere is one of the coolest gifts you can give your boss or coworkers. Buy Here

4. Leonardo da Vinci Catapult Kit

This is perfect gift for the tinkerer/history buff of the office.  The kits comes with all the pieces needed to construct a replica of Da Vinci's catapult design.  Not only is this little model fund to build, but the finished model is a functioning catapult! This little guy is lots of fun and will be the hit of the office . Buy Here

5. Marble Paper Clip Holder

They say form follows function - but this marble paper clip holder manages to elevate both is a sleek marble inspired design. It is always hard to accessorize without adding too much clutter, but this paper clip holder will be nice addition to any modern style.  Pre-filled with some super cool gold paper clips, but also a great vessel for some of our other favorite paper clips,  this is a can't miss gift idea. Buy Here

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